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Chairman's Speech

  • The growth of an enterprise is much like that of a person; both need a strategy in order to develop steadily. In Zhong An’s case, it is a pragmatic strategy of keeping a low profile and focusing on enterprise risk management and control to weather the ups and downs of the market.

    In the past 20 years, we have remained true to our ethos of "being determined, careful, mindful of the temptation of fame and wealth". We believe that the mission to meet human needs remains paramount regardless of the scale and scope of a business. Accordingly, as Zhong An grew from real estate development to a company with achievements in healthcare, film, television, tourism, education and service, it always expanded on the basis of serving social needs.

    Technology seems bound to be the dominant force in any form of sustainable future development. Zhong An must accordingly establish a development model which integrates science, technology, finance and industry.

    On the way ahead, the spirit of “Bravery in the face of challenges, fearlessness in overcoming difficulties, and humbleness in success to achieve a better performance” will see us through, as always!

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