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Lishui City of Zhejiang Province

  • Zhong An · Xiangshuwan

    Project year: Commencement of sales in 2018

    Product types: high-rise residences, garden apartments

    Product series: Jade series

    Address: West of Lishui Botanical Garden, Zhejiang Province (south of Chengbei Street)


    Located on the west side of Lishui Botanical Garden and south of Chengbei Street (Luwan), the project covers an area of 173 mu, with a total GFA of about 180,000 square meters and a plot ratio of only 1.6. It adopts a new Chinese architectural style. The whole residential area is enclosed by 14 high-rise buildings and 22 blocks of apartment. The architectural style of low in the south and high in the north enables the buildings to scatter in an orderly fashion while ensuring that the ventilation and lighting of the residential area are guaranteed to the greatest extent. The total number of apartments in the district is 1,582. There are two entrances to the south and west of the district, so as to achieve a diversion of people and vehicles and returning home quietly and conveniently.

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